Health and Wellness Businesses

IHDA wants to put your Health and Wellness focused business on the map!

We help individuals searching for Health and Wellness amenities find the best business to serve their needs.
Add your business to our growing directory of Health and Wellness focused businesses and get the attention you deserve!



For Hotels and Resorts
Help individual and group travelers identify your healthy amenities, services, programs, and facilities and book the perfect destination for their stay.



For Health and Wellness businesses
Help individuals find your business whether it is a yoga studio, fitness club, meditation center, or a wellness class.



For Restaurants
Show the hungry Health and Wellness community that you have healthy options for them to enjoy guilt free.



For Health and Wellness Spas
Be found by the Health and Wellness community looked for relaxation and healing.

Products and Stores


For Health and Wellness Products and Retailers
Help individuals find your Health and Wellness product or store and stand out from the crowd.



For Health and Wellness Services
If your business goes to the consumer then this one is for you. Masseuses, caterers and coaches oh my.

Listing Features

Free Listing Premium Listing Featured Listing
Profile Length 500 Characters Unlimited Unlimited
Image Uploads 5 images 15 images 20 images
Search Tags 40 Characters Unlimited Unlimited
Basic Profile Fields Yes Yes Yes
Link to Website Yes Yes Yes
Link to Social Media No Yes Yes
Book Now/Buy Now Link No Yes Yes
List Special Offers No Yes Yes
Embed Video in Profile No Yes Yes
Promotion PDF/Food Menu Upload No Yes Yes
Multi-Category Listings No Yes Yes
Featured Listing Badge No No Yes
Search Result Priority No No Yes
Price Free $150 $250

Add Your Business to our Directory Today!

Create an account on the site.
Check to see if someone has already made your business a listing by searching in our directory. If your location is in there already claim your listing! Once approved you gain control over editing and updating the listing.
Add a listing for you business in the appropriate category using the "add listing" feature in the sidebar.
Once approved the listing will appear in the directory.
Super simple!

Get Certified Today

We work with PIECES for Life to provide quality Health and Wellness certifications for businesses of all types.
Stand out from the crowd with a certification that shows that your business is dedicated to advancing Health and Wellness.
Experience the benefits that come from certification through PIECES and IHDA.
Earn a special category and map icon in our directory.

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